The Response of the Forest-Based Sector
to Changes in the Global Economy

WoodEMA 2021, Koper, Slovenia (click to enlarge)

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PRESENTATIONS AND PRESENTERS - according to program:

  Conference opening
  Leon Oblak
  Miha Humar

  Wednesday, June 16th 2021
  WoodEMA 2021, Section 1

  Moderator: Manja Kitek Kuzman

  • Jelačić D., Motik D., Pirc-Barčić A., Oblak L., Grošelj P., Jošt M.
    Production Management Model in SME's in Some South-Central EU Countries During Pandemic
    (pdf )
  • Šujanová J., Nováková R., Cagáňová D., Stasiak-Betlejewska R.
    Reflexion of Circular Economy and Digitization on a Customer Value Proposition in Selected Business Models of Furniture Producers
    (pdf )
  • Dudík R.
    Preferences of Colour Shade of Birch Veneer at Potential Customers
    (pdf )
  • Petrović S.
    Impact of Heating Degree Days in Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia’s Capitals on Household Fuelwood Consumption
    (pdf )
  • Moro M., Vuzem M., Pirc-Barčić A., Motik D.
    The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Croatian Wood Products Market
    (pdf )


  Wednesday, June 16th 2021
  WoodEMA 2021, Section 2

  Moderator: Darko Motik

  • Beljan K., Bašić A., Posavec S.
    Timber From Private Forests as a Source for Wood-Processing Industry
    (pdf )
  • Ulewicz R., Ingaldi M., Knop K., Jagusiak-Kocik M.
    Industry 4.0 in the Furniture Industry - the Problematic Aspect in Implementation
    (pdf )
  • Tomić A., Šupín M.
    Impact of the New Pandemic Covid-19 on a Wood Processing Company and Adaptation to New Market Needs in Online Space
    (pdf )
  • Wanat L., Czarnecki R., Dadek K., Topczewska A.
    Wood and Wood-Based Products as an All-Purpose Commodity an Conditions Of Economic Uncertainty
    (pdf )


  Wednesday, June 16th 2021
  WoodEMA 2021, Section 3

  Moderator: Renata Nováková

  • Krahulcová M., Paluš H., Parobek J.
    Assessment of Forest Certification as a Tool Supporting Sustainability in Forest Management
    (pdf )
  • Stasiak-Betlejewska R., Grzegorzewska E.
    Influence of the Covid-19 Pandemic Consequeces on the Wooden Prefabricated Housing Market
    (pdf )
  • Ivanova M., Slavova G.
    Escape from Lockdown Through the Eco Trails
    (pdf )
  • Kalem M., Lazarević A., Rajković T., Lečić-Cvetković D., Glavonjić B.
    The Impact of Production Planning Errors on Wood Floor Production Efficiency
    (pdf )


  Wednesday, June 16th 2021
  WoodEMA 2021, Section 4

  Moderator: Branko Glavonjić

  • Palátová P., Dudík R.
    Human Resources in the Woodworking Industry in the Czech Republic
    (pdf )
  • Kropivšek J., Jošt M., Oblak L., Zupančič A., Kitek-Kuzman M., Goropečnik L.
    Challenges of the Transition to the On-Line Educational Process During the Pandemic
    (pdf )
  • Krapež-Tomec D., Straže A., Haider A., Kariž M.
    Use of Wood-Plastic Composites as Material for 3D Printed Bilayer Actuators
    (pdf )
  • Šernek M., Saražin J.
    The Development of Bio-Based Adhesives Enables a High Added Value of Residual Materials
    from the Wood and Paper Industry

    (pdf )
  • Angelski D., Vitchev P.
    Analysis of the Reasons for Defects During Formation of Protective-Decorative Coatings
    on Wooden Surfaces

    (pdf )
  • Kaputa V., Dzian M., Paluš H., Táborecká-Petrovičová J., Samašová S.
    Living in a Wooden House – Does it Matter?
    (pdf )


  Friday, June 18th 2021
  WoodEMA 2021, Section 5

  Moderator: Roman Dudik

  • Rothoblaas
    Presentation of company Rothoblaas srl (sponsor)
    (pdf )
  • Miloshevska-Janakieska M., Ayrilmis N., Kitek-Kuzman M.
    The Engineered Wood Products Application in Vernacular and Contemporary Architecture in Macedonia
    (pdf )
  • Kremenjaš K., Klarić K., Perić I.
    The Importance of Integrated Information Systems in Time of Covid-19 Crisis
    (pdf )
  • Rokonalová A., Hlodák M., Slašťanová K., Slašťanová N., Parobek J., Paluš H.
    Green Consumption Behaviour with Emphasis on Wood-Based Products in Slovakia
    (pdf )
  • Hajdarevic S., Obucina M., Ibisevic A., Busuladzic I.
    Strength and Stiffness of Reinforced L-Shaped and T-Shaped Mortise and Tenon Joint
    (pdf )
  • Hyytiä A.
    Sustainable Development - International Framework - Overview and Analysis in the Context of Forests and Forest Products - Sustainable Development in the Global Economy with Policies
    (pdf )