Green Deal Initiatives, Sustainable Management, Market Demands, and New Production Perspectives in the Forestry-Based Sector

WoodEMA 2024, Sofia, Bulgaria (click to enlarge)

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PRESENTATIONS AND PRESENTERS - according to program:

  Conference opening


    Assoc. Prof. Daniela Ventsislavova Georgieva, Chairperson of the Organisation Committee, Economic Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    Assoc. Prof. Matej Jošt, President of WoodEMA i.a., University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Wood Science and Technology
    Prof. DrSc. Sonia Mileva, Vice-Rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria
    Assoc. Prof. Stela Baltova, Vice-Rector of International Business School, Bulgaria
    Assoc. Prof. James Jolovski, Vice-Rector of The Higher School of Insurance and Finance, Bulgaria
    Prof. Petar Antov, Vice-Rector of the University of Forestry, Bulgaria


  WoodEMA 2024
  Invited papers


  • Gejdoš, M., Potkany, M.
    Selected Economic and Health Risks in the Process of Production and Storage of Biomass for Energy Purposes (pdf )
  • Palatova, P., Dudik, R.
    Impacts of the Green Transition on the Forest-Based Sector in the Czech Republic (pdf )
  • Petrović, S.
    The Importance of Non-EU-27 Countries in Supplying the EU-27 Market with Wooden Pallets (pdf )


  WoodEMA 2024
  Improving Sustainability Through New Production Perspectives


  • Richnak, P., Drabik, P., Hanulakova, E., Rehak, R.
    Towards Sustainable Development in the Woodworking Enterprises in Slovakia
  • Remic, K., Oblak, L., Goropečnik, L., Kropivšek, J., Bizjak Govedič, T., Jošt, M.
    Evaluating the Possibilities of LCA Analysis in CAD Software for Wood Products (pdf )
  • Iliev, I.
    Scaling Furniture Manufacturing Micro Companies into SMEs
  • Janakova Sujova, A., Simanova, L.
    Measuring and Increasing the Overall Equipment Efficiency in Furniture Manufacturing Towards Agile Processes
  • Senegačnik, A.
    The Role of Wood Biomass in Slovenia's Green Transition
  • Turlakova, T., Slavova, G., Georgieva, T.
    Innovative Practices and Multifunctional Application of Wood Mulch in Europe
  • Senegačnik, A.
    The Role of Wood Biomass in Slovenia's Energy Sector


  WoodEMA 2024
  New Market Trends, Logistic Services and Innovative Trade Perspectives


  • Obranković, J., Pirc Barčić, A., Motik, D., Ćurić, P., Meloska, Ž., Jelačić, D.
    Changes in Croatian Wood Products Market in Response to Sustainable Development (pdf )
  • Krasteva, N.
    Analysis of IKEA's Experience in Gamification in Furniture Trade Online and Offline in Bulgaria
  • Habinakova, E., Tomankova, A., Novakova, R.
    Trade in Selected Type of Wood
  • Ćurić, P., Pirc Barčić, A., Oblak, L., Motik, D., Obranković, J., Jelačić, D.
    Threats to Sustainability Goals – Illicit Trade Practices in Wood-Based Sector and Wood Product Quality Information (pdf )
  • Georgieva, V.D., Popova-Terziyska, R.
    Opportunities from Participation in Global Value Chains of Bulgarian Furniture Enterprises
  • Georgieva, M.T., Georgieva, V.D.
    Forecasting the Trends for the Development of Global Value Chains: The Case Study of the Furniture and Agribusiness Sectors (pdf )
  • Radev, D.
    Fintech and the Forestry Industry
  • Stefanova, M., Stoyanova, A.
    Exploring the Impact of Logistics on Sustainable Practices in the Forestry Sector
  • Georgieva, M.T., Georgieva, V.D.
    Foresight in Traditional Sectors: Application of Delphi Method for Analysing the Development of Innovation Potential of SMEs in Furniture and Agribusiness Sector
  • Ivanova, M.
    AI in Forestry – A Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Georgieva, V.D.
    Achieving Innovativeness Through Participation in Global Value Chains: Views of Managers of Bulgarian Furniture Enterprises (pdf )
  • Loučanova, E., Olšiakova, M., Nosalova, M.
    Market Requirements and Innovative Perspectives in the Furniture Industry
  • Dzian, M., Moravčik, M., Paluš, H., Parobek, J.
    Future Development of Wood Supplies Potential for the Slovak Forest-Based Industry – Insights from Spruce Growing Stock Forecasts (pdf )
  • Ilieva, G.
    Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Furniture Manufacturing MSMEs


  WoodEMA 2024
  Management Practices, Investment Opportunities and Innovations in the Forestry-Based Sector


  • Marinov, P., Mihailova, M.
    Formation of "New Forest Spaces" in Urbanized Areas in Line with the Green Deal
  • Novakova, R., Plaksiuk. O., Habinakova, E.
    Investment and Innovation Support for Development of the Forest Industry
  • Janakova Sujova, A., Lesnikova, P.
    Readiness of Wood Processing Enterprises in Slovakia to Implement Changes
  • Kyurova, V., Koyundzhiyska-Davidkova, B.
    Innovations in Furniture Industry Enterprises: A Case Study in Bulgaria
  • Gejdoš, P.
    The Impact of Quality Management Tools, Methods, and Approaches on the Adaptation of the Woodprocessing Industry in Slovakia During Times of Crisis
  • Goropečnik, L., Remic, K., Jošt, M., Oblak, L, Bizjak Govedič, T., Kropivšek, J.
    Digitalization in Wood and Furniture Companies
  • Šatanova, A.
    Sustainable Business Development and Ecological Innovation
  • Ivanova, P.
    Sustainable Management of Forest-Based Recreation in Bulgaria


  WoodEMA 2024
  Sustainable Macroeconomic Perspectives and Policy Initiatives in the Forestry-Based Sector


  • Deliverska, M.
    Preventing Deforestation and Forest Degradation via Legal Mechanisms – Challenges and Perspectives
  • Potkany, M., Lesnikova, P., Schmidtova, J., Osvaldova, M.
    Knowledge and Perception of the Circular Economy within Slovak Forest-Based Industry and Comparison of Chosen Indicators in Selected EU Countries (pdf )
  • Kirechev, D., Marinova, V.
    Perspectives for the Development of Forest-Based Bioeconomy for Increasing Sustainability in Bulgaria
  • Jolovski, J.
    Impact of Fiscal Policy and Economic Trends on the Forestry Sector in Bulgaria
  • Marcinekova, K., Janakova Sujova, A., Bebjakova, M.
    Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Economic Performance of Woodprocessing Enterprises in Slovakia (pdf )
  • Mileva, S., Krachanova, M., Ikonomova, A.
    Fostering Sustainable Development: An In-Depth Examination of Policies and Strategies for Preserving Nessebar's Cultural Heritage, Emphasizing Traditional Crafts and Wooden Houses (pdf )
  • Kirechev, D.
    Agroforestry - An Opportunity for the Development of Rural Territories in Bulgaria
  • Mileva, S., Assenova, M., Marinov, V., Miteva, R., Petkova, E., Grigorov, B., Petrov, E., Todorov, L.
    Development of a Comprehensive Indicator System for Monitoring Sustainable Tourism in Forestry-Based Environments (pdf )


  WoodEMA 2024
  Green Deal Initiatives, Climate Change Solutions, Auditing Control and ESG Reporting


  • Glavonjić, B., Lazarević, A., Kalem, M.
    Inventory of Wood Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions from Wood Fuels in Vojvodina
  • Blagoev, D.
    Decarbonization of the Wood Industry in Bulgaria With the use of Hydrogen Technologies, and According to the European Green Deal
  • Slavova, G.
    Combining the Forestry and Agricultural Sectors by Using Permaculture as a Good Measure to Combat Climate Change
  • Pozharevska, R., Bacheva, S.
    Accounting and Reporting of Harmful Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Forest Enterprises
  • Atanasov, A., Marinova, R.
    Sustainability Reporting on Climate Change in the Forestry-Based Industry
  • Veysel, A.
    Sustainability Disclosures in Forest-Based Sector in Bulgaria
  • Angelova-Stanimirova, A.
    Perception of the Term Audit in the Forest Sector (pdf )
  • Kolev, K.
    Fostering Human Capital Development in the Wood Sector Through FDI for Small Open Economies (The Case of Bulgaria)
  • Dombashov, R.
    Criteria for Management Control of Forest Industry Enterprises
  • Kostova, S.
    Impact of Digital Transformation on Audit Procedures in the Assessment of Corporate Sustainability


  WoodEMA 2024
  Sustainable Design and Construction With Forestry-Based Materials


  • Kruhak, T., Pirc Barčić, A., Mamić, D., Domljan, D., Motik, D., Klarić, K.
    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Study for Early Design Stages of Wooden Wall Coverings with Enhanced Aesthetics and Functionality (pdf )
  • Antonova, K.
    Assessment of Sustainable Construction Practices in the Context of the Circular Economy
  • Buryova, D., Sedlak, P.
    Environmental Impact of Usually Selected Building Foundations
  • Miloshevska Janakieska, M.
    The Challenges of Re-Use of Wood in Building Construction in Macedonia
  • Stasiak-Betlejewska, R.
    Contemporary Polish Wooden Construction Activity in the Context of the Sustainable Environmental Economy Management
  • Matova, H., Kaputa, V., Taborecka, J.
    Wooden Structures in Slovakia: Navigating Myths and Realities - Insights from a 2020 Market Survey
  • Miloshevska Janakieska, M., Kitek Kuzman, M., Sandberg, D.
    The use of Engineered Wood Products in Sustainable Building Construction in Macedonia (pdf )
  • Sedlak, P., Buryova, D., Bebej, D., Uhrin, R., Štompf, P.
    Innovative Approach to External Envelope of a Timberframe House
  • Hajdarević, S., Busuladžić, I., Martinović, S., Ibrišević, A., Obućina, M.
    End-To-End Grain Joints in the Construction of Solid Wood Furniture