Current Trends and Challenges
for Forest-Based Sector:
Carbon Neutrality and Bioeconomy

WoodEMA 2023, Prague, Czech Republic (click to enlarge)

Proceedings (full version - PDF ~ 6.6 Mb )

PRESENTATIONS AND PRESENTERS - according to program:

  Conference opening


  • Roman Dudík, WoodEMA i.a. president (pdf )
  • Martin Jankovský: Bioeconomy at FLD and CZU - activities of the Forest Bioeconomy Team of FLD and the Bioeconomy Platform of the Czech Republic (pdf )

  Introductory paper


  • Palátová, P., Dudík, R.
    Circularity and Forest Bioeconomy in the Czech Republic (pdf )

  Invited papers


  • Parobek, J., Paluš, H., Dzian, M., Rokonalová, A., Čerešňa, R.
    Wood-Based Waste Management - Important Resources for Circular Economy (pdf )
  • Pirc Barčić, A.
    Contribution and Importance of Wood-Based Sector Towards Carbon Neutrality
    and Bioeconomy
    (pdf )
  • Remic, K., Goropečnik, L., Kropivšek, J., Oblak, L., Jošt, M.
    Energy Analysis of Different Scenarios for the Management of Wood Biomass
    as By-Products in LCA
    (pdf )



 WoodEMA 2023
  Conference paper collection


  • Slavova, G., Doneva, Y.
    Cork as a Renewable and Recyclable Material and the Possibility to Use a Circular Production Model for Various Cork Products
  • Ćurić, P., Pirc Barčić, A., Motik, D., Moro, M., Basarac Sertić, M., Meloska, Ž.
    Potential of the Croatian Wood Industry in Achieving Carbon Neutrality – Production Trends Analysis From 1900 to 2020 (pdf )
  • Šatanová, A., Sedliačiková, M.
    Psychological Factors Influencing the Perception of Financial and Non-Financial Benefits and Barriers of Controlling in the Company
  • Kirechev, D., Stanimirova, M., Ivanova, P.
    Forest-Based Resource Management in the Transition to Carbon Neutrality in Bulgaria
  • Kirechev, D., Stoyanova, A., Marinova, V.
    Potential of the Forest-Based Sector for the Development of Bulgaria's Bioeconomy
  • Ventsislavova Georgieva, D., Bankova, D.
    The Role of the Financial Auditor for the Participation of Forestry Enterprises in Global Value Chains
  • Ventsislavova Georgieva, D., Popova-Terziyska, R.
    Modern Marketing Communications in the Forest Sector as a Factor to Increase the Added Value in Terms of COVID-19 (pdf )
  • Glavonjić, B., Lazarević, A., Kalem, M.
    Wood Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions from Wood Fuels Used for Heating Purposes in Eastern Serbia
  • Grzegorzewska, E., Stasiak-Betlejewska, R.
    Models and Forms of Internationalization of Medium and Large Polish Furniture Companies - Selected Aspects in the Light of the Empirical Research Findings
  • Lesníková, P., Kánová, M.
    From Innovation to Sustainable Production and Consumption: Challenge for Eco-Innovation in the Environment of Wood Processing Industry
  • Loučanová, E., Šupín, M., Čorejová, T., Štofková, J., Olšiaková, M., Šupínová, M., Repková-Štofková, K., Nosáľová, M., Kaputa, V., Hupková, D.
    Current Trend of Evaluation of the Innovation Activity in the Wood Processing Industry
  • Nosáľová, M., Loučanová, E., Parobek, J., Olšiaková, M.
    Paper-Based Cosmetic Packaging
  • Obranković, J., Pirc Barčić, A., Motik, D.
    Concepts of Creating Added Value of Wooden Products in Achieving International Marketing Activities as Contribution to Carbon Neutrality and Bioeconomy (pdf )
  • Olšiaková, M., Loučanová, E., Nosáľová, M.
    Trends in Consumers´ Requirements in the Furniture Industry
  • Osvaldová, M., Potkány, M.
    Comparison of Calculation Procedures for the Production of Recycled Wood-Plastic Products in the Context of Circular Economy Principles (pdf )
  • Villarreal, L.
    The Impact of Domestic Consumption on Natural Rubber Farmgate Price in Colombia: An Analysis of its Economic and Social Effects (pdf )
  • Marinov, P.
    Mathematical Model for the Formation of Settlements Based on Forest and Green Infrastructure
  • Blagoev, D.
    Impact of the Wood Sector on Climate Changes (Following the Example of Bulgaria)
  • Perić, I., Klarić, K., Papak, A., Vukman, K.
    Implication of ERP Implementation: Case Study of Furniture Manufacturing Company
  • Petržela, B.
    Carbon Footprint Monitoring: EU Legislation and Implementation (pdf )
  • Stasiak-Betlejewska, R., Grzegorzewska. E.
    Wooden Housing Industry Management – Trends and Perspectives
  • Stasiak-Betlejewska, R.
    Production and Quality Management Trends in the Furniture Industry
  • Šupín, M., Loučanová, E., Šupínová, M. And Olšiaková, M.
    Current Trend in the Demand for Innovations in the Woodworking Industry in Slovakia
  • Turlakova, T., Slavova, G., Georgieva, T.
    Application of Regional Circular Economy Models in the Forestry Sector
  • Pryadilina, N.
    Assessment of the Replaceability of Different Types of Raw Materials and Products in the Energy Market
  • Beljan, K., Rupić, A., Pejić, P., Vedriš, M., Teslak, K., Posavec, S.
    Carbon Storage Capacity in Croatian Narrow-Leaved Ash Forests. Theoretical Approach (pdf )
  • Gejdoš, M., Michajlová, K.
    New Possibilities for the Wood Qualitative Assessment in the Circular Economy (pdf )
  • Gejdoš, P.
    The Wood Processing Industry in Slovakia in the Context of the Implementation of Quality Management Systems
  • Rokonalová, A., Parobek, J.
    Eco-Innovation Drivers in Wood Processing Industry in Slovakia
  • Petrović, S.
    The European Market of Wooden Toys (pdf )
  • Huertas-Bernal, C.D., Hájek, M.
    EU Funding for Bioeconomy Transition: Perception of Forest Actors (pdf )
  • Kruhak, T., Pirc Barčić, A., Klarić. K., Motik, D.
    Simplified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Study for Early Design Stages of Wooden Exterior Door (pdf )
  • Wanat, L.
    The Idea of Sylvicultura Oeconomica as a Tool to the University Renew and Promotion Forest Sciences for the Bioeconomy Development
  • Sarniak, Ł., Wanat, L., Wieruszewski, M., Kusiak, W.
    Regional Diversity of Selected Wood By-Products Supply as an Energy Feedstock - The Case of Poland
  • Nováková, R.,Skýpalová, R.
    Certification of Personnel in the Woodworking Industry – A Need or an Over-Standard?
  • Nováková, R, Pauliková, R.
    Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development as a Starting Point for the Enviromnental Goals of Sustainable Development and Bioprocesses in the Wood Processing Industry
  • Kusiak, W., Sarniak, L., Wanat, L., Wieruszewski, M.
    Potential Use of Stumpwood as an Energy Raw Material - The Case of Poland
  • Wanat, L., Wieruszewski, M., Kusiak, W., Sarniak, L.
    Harvesting Dilemmas in Polish Private Forests - Selected Examples Relating to the Bioeconomy
  • Georgieva, T.
    Innovation Potential and Innovation Networks in the Forest Bioeconomy: The Case of Bulgaria
  • Goropečnik, L., Remic, K., Jošt, M., Oblak, L., Kropivšek, J.
    Competences for the Digital and Sustainable Transition of Wood and Furniture Sector (pdf )
  • Kaputa, V., Táborecká, J.,Maťová, H.
    Marketing Strategies of the Wood-Based Sector Companies (pdf )
  • Rácz, A., Kaputa, V., Loučanová, E.
    Wood Products Customer – Consumer or Citizen? (pdf )
  • Wieruszewski, M. Wanat, L., Kusiak, W., Sarniak, L.
    Aspects of the Green Use of Wood By-Products From the Sawmill Industry
  • Búryová, D., Vaňová, R., Sedlák, P., Uhrín, R.
    Life Cycle Impact Assessment of a Timberframe House With Vapour-Permeable External Envelope
  • Sedlák, P., Búryová, D., Vaňová, R., Uhrín, R.
    Wood Fuel in Passive Houses – The Way to Carbon Neutrality?
  • Ibrisevic, A., Busuladzic, I., Mihulja, G., Obucina, M., Hajdarevic, S., Smajic, S.
    Effect of CNC Machining Parameters on Surface Quality of Different Kind of Wood (pdf )
  • Busuladzic, I., Ibrisevic, A., Obucina, M., Hajdarevic, S.
    Analysis of CNC Milling Parameters on Roughness of Ordinary, Steam Treated and Heat-Treated Beech Wood, Using Spiral Cutter (pdf )
  • Koprivec, L., Zbašnik-Senegačnik, M.
    Benefits of (re)Using Wood in the Concept of Circular Construction
  • Kitek Kuzman, M., Haviarova, E., Kariž, M.
    Use of Digital Solutions in Architecture and Timber Construction
  • Smajić, S., Herceg, A., Obućina, M., Beljo Lučić, R., Antonović, A., Ištvanić, J.
    Influence of Wood Defects and Dimensions of Oak Elements on the Success of Machining Finished Parqet Lamellas
  • Zach, M., Tauber, J., Svoboda, J.
    Using Recycled Paper in Product Design Applications (pdf )